6 Career Options for People With H&S Qualifications

If you’re looking for a stable and fulfilling career, you may want to consider health & safety. It’s not just a lucrative industry for qualified professionals, there’s also a wide variety of jobs awaiting those who have the proper H&S qualifications.

If you don’t have one just yet, it’s about time to take health & safety courses. What you need will depend on your desired career, but one certificate can potentially qualify you for multiple jobs. If you have the money to spare, it also doesn’t hurt to have multiple certificates!

With that being said, here are just some jobs that you can do with your H&S credentials:

H&S Manager

Health and safety managers are usually tasked to oversee the entire H&S program of a company or group. They need to ensure that not only does the business remain compliant with current laws and industry best practices, but also that individual employees are upholding a culture of safety.

Speaking of a culture of safety, H&S managers ensure the delivery and implementation of the organisation’s health and safety programs. They offer support and mentoring for everyone—including fellow managers, as well as key stakeholders and leaders.

Finally, another important job of health and safety managers is to monitor the company’s H&S policies and how they perform against benchmarks. If there are any gaps, H&S managers are expected to work with their team to address such issues.

H&S Advisor

The role of a health & safety advisor is somewhat similar to a consultant. Their responsibilities are more geared towards third parties and contractors, ensuring that everyone and everything meets the company’s requirements. H&S advisors may also be tasked to audit sites where company-related activities will be held, as well as properties that the company is planning to purchase.

Sometimes, H&S advisors also investigate H&S incidents and accidents. They assist employees in filing reports, ensuring that every important detail is covered. H&S advisors also often assist the health & safety team with responsibilities like hazard management and task analysis

H&S Trainer

For those who thrive in educational settings and love sharing knowledge, the role of a health & safety trainer might be the best option. As the job title suggests, their main role is to provide H&S training for employees. Depending on their expertise (or the requirements), H&S trainers may be asked to formulate courses for working at heights, working in confined spaces, gantry cranes, and more. Giving general H&S training is also a given in this kind of job.

Aside from the above-mentioned roles, H&S trainers may also provide advice for crafting policies, prevention programmes, and workplace procedures. They also regularly review H&S management plans, suggesting and implementing changes where necessary.

Of course, H&S trainers should always be up to date with the latest legislative requirements, along with trends and best practices in the H&S industry.

H&S Inspector

Most H&S inspectors work for the government. They conduct assessments and investigations, sometimes also providing educational support for workers and business owners. However, the main role of health & safety inspectors is to enforce the legislation. With the guidance H&S inspectors provide, business and PCBUs can remain safe at work.

What’s great about this job is that it can take you across the country, visiting all sorts of workplaces. As such, it’s a perfect role for those who love to travel and have a sense of adventure.

Social Worker or Support Worker

Like H&S inspectors, many social workers are part of the government (although they can also be working for non-profits). They provide care, advice, and support to those experiencing social problems, which include healthcare access.

Social workers who focus on healthcare issues may further centre their attention on families, children, and/or women. This way, they can really get into the root of the problems and provide suitable solutions. Social workers team up with various government offices and employees as well, so they can receive ample funding, training, and support for their projects.

Wellbeing Manager

Well-being managers, as their job title implies, are focussed on ensuring employee wellbeing. They do this by encouraging worker engagement and participation in health and safety programmes and work.

In addition, wellbeing managers also help develop and implement effective H&S processes to identify, address, and minimise risks at work. While it might sound like a lifestyle-inclined job, wellbeing managers work to ensure the holistic health, safety, and wellness of the people in the company.


Of course, these are just a few of the careers you can consider building with your H&S qualifications. You can easily explore other paths, such as H&S coordinator, healthcare assistant, environmental manager, or even HR practitioner. It all depends on your skillset, attitude, and willingness to learn.

Good luck on your job search and your soon-to-be career in the health and safety industry!

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