Confined Space Training


$250 + GST per person


8 hours (1 day)


To demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined spaces

Course Overview

Confined spaces are enclosed or partially enclosed spaces that are not intended or
designed primarily for human occupancy, where there is a risk of one or more of the following: oxygen concentration outside the safe oxygen range, a concentration of airborne contaminant that may cause impairment, loss of consciousness or asphyxiation, a concentration of flammable airborne contaminant that may cause injury from fire or explosion, or the engulfment in a stored free-flowing solid or a rising level of liquid that may cause suffocation or drowning.

Who Should Attend

This course is for people working in confined spaces.

Topics Covered

After the course, participants are expected to demonstrate knowledge of confined spaces, and their permit notification and implementation requirements; identify control measures to eliminate, isolate, and minimise the risk of hazards in confined spaces; demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and confined space testing requirements; and describe the responsibilities and duties of people entering confined spaces or conducting observation duties for confined spaces.

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