COVID-19 Training


$250 + GST for site operation training
$250 + GST for deep cleaning training


8 hours (1 day)


To help organisations understand safe workplace operation procedures for their specific industry and needs.

Course Overview

CC Training Academy provides two types of dedicated training that can be taken separately. The first one is ideal for employees working onsite while the other course is focused on educating personnel in charge of keeping a workplace safe from COVID-19. Read on to find the appropriate COVID-19 training for your requirements.

COVID-19 Safe Workplace Operation Procedure Training and Induction

CC Training Academy is providing training to help organisations understand safe workplace operation procedures ideal for their specific industry. Every business must follow strict COVID-19 procedures and guidelines to run or re-open across all four Alert Levels set by the NZ Government.

We will provide training to all workers in any given site based on best practices, legislation (Health and Safety at Work Act 2015), specific guidelines set up by WorkSafe, and from leading international public health agencies.

This course covers:

  • COVID-19 and its nature (symptoms, prevention measures)
  • PCBU, worker responsibilities (duty of care), and HSWA 2015
  • Understanding risks and hazards as defined in the HSWA 2015 and related to COVID-19
  • Implementing the basic principles of site operation
  • COVID-19 pandemic planning and site operation procedures
  • Preparing and implementing a COVID-19 management plan including risk management, selection of chemicals and methods, along with other health and safety processes and plans
  • Development and implementation of a disinfection plan for the workplace

After completing this course, trainees will get a certificate of completion. The course can be completed by participants through an online platform. CC Training Academy can also come to your site to deliver the course components if needed, but physical distancing rules and other health and safety procedures still apply.

COVID-19 Disinfection and Deep Cleaning Training

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, commercial cleaners were taken to the front lines to handle both confirmed or possibly infected areas. Essential and non-essential business owners alike started giving careful consideration to cleaning and disinfection in their spaces, which prompted cleaning companies to offer further training and instruction to cleaning crews and to ensure a higher level of hygienic cleaning.

Through our disinfection and deep cleaning training, we play a key role in preventing the spread of infection. Training cleaning personnel will not only help deliver a higher standard of cleaning but will also greatly improve the quality of service provided to customers.

The training components are based on World Health Organization (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations and guidelines, so participants can expect to learn standards that are objective and institutional in nature.

The training covers:

  • What is COVID-19? Symptoms, transmission and prevention control
  • Personal protection equipment and face fit test
  • Handling chemicals and the importance of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Methods of disinfection such as deep cleaning, chemical spraying, heat treatment, UV or ozone treatment, and fogging
  • Disinfection chemicals mixing practices, concentration dilution practices
  • Disinfection and cleaning process and methods and chemicals for restaurants, hospitals, hotels, cars, ambulances, construction sites, worker rooms, toilets, bathrooms
  • Decontamination and disposal of waste
  • Importance of ATP testing process and methods after cleaning

Our commercial cleaning arm, Crewcare, will provide expertise and impart their real-world skills and experience in this sector throughout the duration of the training.

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