10 Powerful Questions to Help You Find Your Dream Career

Happy employees in the trades career

Everyone has a dream career, whether it’s something simple or grand. Finding and achieving this dream career, however, can be challenging. In fact, only some people can truly say that they’ve fulfilled their ambitions.

Nevertheless, while it may be challenging, attaining career success is not entirely impossible. The secret is to first define what you want by answering important, powerful questions that will impact your future. To help get you started, here are 10 questions to help you figure out the most important details:

What Are Your Goals and What Are You Willing to Do to Achieve Them?

To find your dream career, you need to first determine your goals. What do you aspire to accomplish in both life and career? What are your goals? By answering these questions, you can then figure out your plan of action.

This plan of action should contain the things that you need and are willing to do to achieve your goals. Consider it a checklist, with each tick bringing you closer to success.

You should also be as specific and detailed as you can when you write down your action plan. Does your dream career require certifications? Write in your action plan that you must undergo training programs. Specify what kinds of courses you should take, along with the timelines and costs of each.

Consider expanding your skillset as well, beyond those related to your career. For example, being certified in first aid is valuable in any industry.

The bottomline is that you should be meticulous in planning. It can spell the difference between success and failure.

What Are Your Hobbies and Talents?

If you don’t have a clear picture yet on what your dream career is, perhaps you should take a look at your hobbies. What are the things that you enjoy doing outside of work? Once you answer these questions, you’ll be a step closer to discovering your calling.

Understanding your talents and skills can also help you figure out your career track. Know what you’re good at and continuously find ways to improve your talents and skills. This way, you can continue doing what you love to do and create opportunities for yourself.

What Are Your Passions (and Can You Turn Them Into a Career)?

Your hobbies are something you enjoy doing in your spare time. Your passions, on the other hand, are things you love to do that give you a deeper kind of satisfaction. Your passions can give your life meaning.

Your hobbies and passions sometimes overlap. However, you need to identify which is which so you can then determine what kind of career can bring you true happiness.

Who or What Inspires You?

Inspiration can come from many things. It could be a book or even just a simple quotation that serves as your motto. Some people are even inspired by fictional characters. Your inspiration can also be real people, like your family members or your friends.

Remember that your career isn’t just all about your hard work. If you aren’t inspired, things can quickly become mundane. You may even lose your interest in things that you used to enjoy. Through your inspirations, your work will become more meaningful.

How Do You Motivate Yourself?

Inspiration is what gives you the desire to accomplish something. However, without motivation, your desire won’t come to fruition. Thus, you need to find motivation in order for your career to move forward.

Your motivation is usually fueled by three things: how much you want to achieve your goals, the rewards of achieving those goals, and your expectations.

Here are some suggestions as to how you can keep yourself motivated:

  • Always set new goals, but focus on achieving one at a time.
  • Find mentors who will support and teach you.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Upskill by taking various training programs

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Everyone, even the person you admire the most, has weaknesses. By acknowledging your own, you can then move on to the crucial step of overcoming them and getting better.

How Can You Improve Yourself?

In relation to the previous point, it’s not enough that you acknowledge your weaknesses. It’s more important that you work towards improving yourself. There are many ways to do this, such as by upskilling or finding a mentor.

When you continue to improve yourself, you also open yourself up to new opportunities that you may not have gotten otherwise.

What Are the Things You Have Overcome?

When you think of finding your dream career and succeeding in it, you often look towards the future. This isn’t wrong, of course. It’s important to prepare and important to keep your eyes on the prize to help keep yourself motivated.

However, another big part of your dream career is looking back. What are the things you’ve overcome? What are the challenges that you’ve faced and conquered? What did you do to win? Remind yourself that you’ve already successfully solved problems and dealt with difficulties and you’ll find it easier to believe that you can accomplish whatever you want.

What Do You Need to Let Go Of?

You can’t move forward in your career—indeed, in life—if there’s something holding you back. If you feel like you’re not making any progress, stop a while and evaluate. There may be something that’s stopping you from reaching your true potential.

There could be a lot of things that are impeding your progress. Outdated beliefs, cognitive biases, or even old hurts that you haven’t forgiven yet. Be honest with yourself and find ways to let things go. This will give you more room for growth and allow you to move forward with ease.

What Is Your Purpose?

One of the deepest questions you have to answer when finding your dream career is this: what is your purpose? Some people are able to answer this right away. If you can’t, that’s okay as well. As you continue to do your job, meet new people, and learn more about yourself, you’ll find the answer to this question. Then, you can truly align your dream career with your purpose.

Good luck in finding your dream career!