Hazardous Substances in the Workplace


$250 + GST per person


8 hours (1 day)


To handle and store hazardous substances in the workplace

Course Overview

A hazardous substance is any substance that is explosive, flammable, toxic, or anything that has the ability to oxidise or corrode. Such substances can have more than one hazardous property. A good example would be petrol, which is both flammable and toxic.

Learning safe handling practices for hazardous substances cover precautions, clothing, equipment, containers, packaging, labelling, filling containers, use of approved transport, combinations of goods and substances, disposal, and container cleaning among others.
Who Should Attend
This course is ideal for people who handle and store hazardous substances in the workplace.
Topics Covered

This course will teach you how to identify and explain symbols, labelling, properties, and effects on people or property associated with hazardous substances. You will also be exposed to material safety data sheets.

The topic of organisational and legislative requirements concerning hazardous materials is also included in the course material. You will gain an understanding of actions that must be taken when dealing with spillage or leakage.