Heights Refresher Course


$160 + GST per person


4 hours

Delivery Method

  • Online
  • In-person

Refresher or custom working at heights training course

A refresher course or a custom curriculum may be selected based on your specific requirements for your business. Instead of reviewing previously accumulated information, a custom course will enable you to better focus on the specific needs of the workplace and the trainees. For example, the training courses content can be tailored to completely inexperienced workers who might not know about anchor points for fall and arrest systems and equipment check procedures.

Similarly, skilled employees can take the same course after 2-3 years so they can develop skills using the foundations they’ve got. In addition, the duration of the program is highly determined by the complexity of the course. We aim at ensuring safe spaces where all the learners can learn.


Delivery Method

The Working at Height Refresher course is designed for the refreshing NZQA unit standards (17600, 23229, 15757) that you have completed already and need to show your competency to work in the area. CCTA offer the course online or in-person delivered by one of our tutors.


The online course can be completed at your place, time, and pace. You will get an online assessment link when you complete the enrollment process. One of our highly experienced tutors provides support via email/zoom/phone if required. After you submit the assessment, our assessor marks and verifies your competency.


CCTA delivers a half-day (four hours) course- Wednesdays 12:30 PM- 4:30 PM.

To access our full schedule and find more information about our Working at Height course or related courses, check out our calendar or fill out our contact form.

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