Job Safety Analysis Training


$150 + GST per person


8 hours (1 day)


To learn how to prepare a work method statement and undertake a job safety analysis

Course Overview

It is important for employers to engage their workforce regarding health and safety. With this course, teams can learn how to identify workplace hazards and how they can be put under control. Organisations can then establish and support a culture of safety where employees are proactive and heavily involved in the development of best practices and maintaining H&S compliance.

This course covers NZQA Unit Standard 19522 about undertaking job safety analysis.

Who Should Attend
Workers who need to undertake a job safety analysis for a specified project or worksite.
Topics Covered
This course will teach you how to prepare a work method statement for a specified job based on information gathered from direct observation, group discussions, interviews, flowcharts, documentation, manufacturer instructions, safety data sheets, job descriptions, standard operating procedures, questionnaire, compliance and legislative requirements.
You will then produce a job safety analysis for a specified job that defines the activity or work to be performed, specific job steps, potential hazards and associated risk ratings, control measures, and persons responsible in the organisation.