Manual Handling Safety


$150 + GST per person


8 hours (1 day)


To get a basic understanding about manual handling of goods, materials, and equipment in the workplace

Course Overview

Manual tasks are a leading cause injuries or musculoskeletal disorders for workers worldwide. Heavy physical work that involves moving or transporting goods and equipment always poses risks and hazards that are sometimes completely neglected.
Factors such as poor posture, poor workplace design, lack of physical space, lack of supervision, and the lack of proper training in manual handling techniques and mechanical aids are also areas of major concern in the workplace.
Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for people who carry out manual handling tasks. This is for you if you need to lift, lower, push, pull, move, carry, hold, or restrain goods, materials, or equipment in the workplace.

Topics Covered

This course will teach you the types of manual handling risks, injury risk reduction measures, and safe manual handling practices with and without mechanical aids.

You will learn about the use of personal protective equipment, the use of mechanical aids (such as lift tables, hoists, conveyors, chutes, hand trolleys, etc.), the use of ramps, job redesign, and ergonomic techniques among other risk reduction measures for manual handling in the workplace.