CC Training Academy secures NZQA accreditation

CC Training Academy or CCTA has achieved accreditation from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) as a Private Training Establishment (PTE) after a year of empowering the Kiwi workforce.

Beginning in early 2020 and during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Academy first opened its doors to deliver a range of training programmes that includes asbestos removal, health and safety, building and construction courses, and other similarly skill intensive courses.

At this stage, CCTA has been partnering with key providers who are NZQA accredited for programme delivery. However, with the recent PTE status granted, the Academy will be capable of independently delivering each course under the corresponding NZQA recognised framework.

CCTA’s General Manager Dr. Achyut Aryal, whose longtime goal is to run his own PTE, says securing the NZQA accreditation will completely change the way the Academy delivers workplace training to Kiwis. “It’s major milestone that will enable us to help more Kiwis get into skilled employment within the industries we are focused on,” he says.

“This will give students the confidence that we are capable of delivering quality programs with integrity, in our top-notch learning facility where we can simulate real-life scenarios,” Dr. Aryal adds.

The CCTA management met with NZQA officials in March and Dr. Aryal said they received great feedback from the evaluators from the facility in Takapuna to its community engagement and its robust systems that run in the background.

The collaboration with Massey University and the major work the Academy has done to make workers in the building, construction, and demolition industry-ready to handle dangerous asbestos safely were also highlighted in these conversations.

“The asbestos industry alone is ready to take in people immediately following basic training. It is not too difficult for our trainees to get placed after they complete their assesment,” mentions Dr. Aryal.