Our Services

View our related services in the asbestos, cleaning, environmental, and health and safety categories.

Asbestos Services

Asbestos-related services ranging from survey, research, assessing, management, and more.

Health and Safety Consultancy

Research, survey, and management, including health and safety auditing and tender applications.

Contractor Management

We have training packages for international recruitment companies or migrant workers.

Cleaning Services

ATP testing, COVID-19 (coronavirus) site operation, commercial cleaning, and other services.

Environmental Consultancy

Research, survey, and management involving air, water, wildlife, waste management, and plants.

Face Fit Testing

We offer face fit test service for all our clients using a 3M™ fit test apparatus.

Face fit testing services


3M Qualitative Face Fit Testing

We offer a face fit test service for personnel who wear respirators in their workplace using a 3M™ fit test apparatus.


ATP Testing

ATP testing is a rapid and reliable method adopted by different industries such as hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, and food manufacturing facilities to quickly verify the cleanliness of a surface or area.

Food manufacturing facility
Recruitment company employees in a meeting


Training Packages

We offer group bookings for our training programmes particularly for companies who recruit international workers.
We are pleased to offer onsite classes upon request.