Training Courses for Moms Who Want to Make a Career Switch

Being a stay-at-home mom is challenging but also rewarding. However, there may come a time when you feel like it’s time for a change. Perhaps you want to get back to working after a long break, or perhaps even switch careers for something completely new.

For the latter, you’re going to need to learn some new skills. Going from one job to another or, indeed, one industry to another will require a bit of training. That’s why you have to be wise about the courses you take. This way, you can balance all your responsibilities, while also maximising your earning capacity.

That said, here’s a list of some great training courses for moms like you who are looking for a change in their careers:

First Aid

As a mother, there’s one skill that you won’t forget even when your children are grown: babysitting. As such, being a childcare worker is a great career path for mothers because you already have the necessary competencies and experience for it.

Aside from being a babysitter, other childcare job options you have include being a daycare worker or a teacher assistant. If your own children are grown, you may also want to consider being a private nanny.

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned work settings are quite different from your own home. The children you end up caring for may also have health conditions that need special attention.

That’s why it’s crucial to take first aid training courses if you want to make childcare a full-time career. This way, you can be sure that you can capably handle minor health emergencies and keep other children calm while waiting for medical personnel.

The ultimate benefit of completing a first aid course is that the skills you acquire can be applied in any industry. If you ever choose to switch careers again, you’ll be able to negotiate for higher salaries because you have more valuable competencies.

Professional/Commercial Cleaning

Being a cleaner may not be a glamorous career, but it is definitely stable and pays well. There’s also the option to work only part-time, which is perfect for mothers who are slowly making their way back into the workforce.

Like babysitting, cleaning may also be a skill that you’ve already honed over the years. However, you still have to have some professional training to ensure that you deliver quality output. This is especially important for commercial cleaning for hospitals and similar facilities.

When you enrol in cleaning courses, you’ll learn about safe cleaning practices and various methods applicable for domestic, commercial, and health cleaning. For the latter, you can also take courses related to infection control. Depending on the course, you’ll also learn how to use a wide range of cleaning equipment.

Do note that you need to be reasonably physically fit if you want to be a cleaner. You won’t be hauling heavy cargo every single day, but you’ll definitely be exerting yourself so be prepared.

Social Media or Digital Marketing

A significant chunk of the global population spends several hours a day on the Internet. Sometimes, it’s necessary for work; sometimes, it’s purely for leisure. Either way, simply due to the presence of a large audience, there’s plenty of job opportunities on the Web.

This is why learning various social media and digital marketing techniques can help moms like you to transition to a new career. Even focusing on social media alone can open doors to hundreds of possibilities.

There’s also SEO, web design, and other branches or tracks that you can specialise in based on your strengths of interests. What’s even better is that social media and digital marketing can be either a full-time or part-time career. You can also choose to work from home, especially if you’re freelancing.


If you like the idea of being your own boss, then it’s a good idea to sign up for entrepreneurship classes. Remember that not everyone is cut out to be a business owner, but everyone can definitely learn how to become one.

Besides, it’s not only motivation, inspiration, and capital that you need to run a successful business. You also have to know your maths, as well as business laws and regulations. If you’re planning on hiring employees in the future, you also need to brush up on your leadership skills.

Fortunately, there are many courses about business and entrepreneurship. You can even find online programmes that can accommodate your busy schedule as a mom.

Virtual Assistant

Finally, if you want flexible hours and an opportunity to flex your organisational skills, being a virtual assistant or VA is a viable option. Some of the services the VAs render include cold calling, scheduling meetings, file management, and email communications.

This means that aside from VA courses themselves, you also need training for the services in which you want to specialise. Focus on about two to three skills, then expand your repertoire as you go along. With strategic investment, you can become a top-notch virtual assistant in no time.

Good luck on your quest for a new and fulfilling career, momma!