Why Choose a Career in Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in New Zealand. In 2019 alone, agriculture, forestry, and fishing contributed NZD 13.5 billion to the GDP. In the same year, the industry also produced more than 86,000 jobs.

Simply put, the agriculture industry is a great place to start and grow a career. If these numbers aren’t enough to convince you, below are just a few reasons that might:

Job Diversity

The word agriculture is associated with stereotypical images of farms, complete with a variety of crops and livestock like cows and sheep. (New Zealand is, in fact, the world’s largest exporter of dairy and sheep meat.) This image is not wrong, of course. However, it’s not the complete picture. Indeed, being a farmer isn’t the only job available in the agriculture industry.

Agriculture actually has a lot of diversity when it comes to careers. The industry can offer many types of jobs in business and economics, communications, finance, marketing, and even technology. In fact, modern farming often involves using a lot of high-tech software and equipment (which will be discussed later on).

Skilled workers also play crucial roles in agriculture. If you have a Class 1 driver licence, you can enrol in industry-specific training courses to receive the endorsements needed to operate heavy farming machinery. These are most commonly used in transporting goods, preparing land, and harvesting, among others.

Everyone Needs It

Food is one of the five basic needs of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, young or old. It doesn’t matter where you live. You will always need food to survive—and it’s the agriculture industry that provides that food.

Therefore, as long as there are humans, agriculture will remain relevant. In addition, as the global population continues to grow, the need to produce more food in more efficient ways also increases. This means that there’s a lot of room for innovation, not to mention long-term careers.

Immersion Technological Advancements

As earlier mentioned, most people think of farms when they think of agriculture. Rural settings in idyllic locations, almost untouched by technology. However, agriculture is actually one of the most technologically advanced industries.

Farmers all over New Zealand the world use a variety of software and technological tools to boost the productivity of crops, automate and control the release of the exact amount of fertiliser, combat pests, and more.

Drone technology is also highly utilised in agriculture. It’s used to monitor crop growth, map the land, and spot issues like pest infestations or irrigation problems. The information gathered can then be used to develop solutions to improve yields and efficiency.

Other technologies used in farming include moisture and temperature sensors, high-resolution imaging, as well as robotics. Sales management software is also essential in the sector, especially for independent farms.

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Less Stressful Work Environments

Every job has its own difficulties and stressors. In agriculture, this can be in the form of pests or harsh weather. However, it has to be said that the agricultural environments are usually considerably cleaner, more quiet, and more relaxed compared to other workplaces. This can benefit both your mental and physical health.

If you’re not much for the fast-paced life in the city, then you may very well be suited to a career in agriculture.

It’s Rewarding

Agriculture is an industry that provides. It grows food, which gives then humans the nutrition and energy they need to perform their own tasks. Agriculture may be one of those careers that put you in the background, but it’s certainly one that makes a lot of difference. It can even be argued that it’s one of the industries that leave the most number of positive impacts in the world.

The agriculture industry is also one of the most well-positioned to influence a major change with regards to the use of natural resources. Over the years, agriculture professionals have made considerable headway in minimising carbon emissions and reducing water usage in the process of producing food. This affects other industries in various positive ways.

Finally, agriculture is one of humanity’s most effective weapons in the fight against global poverty. Feeding people solves a lot of other issues, including wage gaps and other forms of social injustice.

Improving the agriculture sector also opens employment opportunities, reduces prices, and increases income. This so-called multiplier effect can help bolster the growth of smaller economies.

As a result, those who work and will work in agriculture will find that their career is a truly rewarding one.

The agriculture industry may not be everyone’s first thought when it comes to a career choice. However, it’s definitely a growing sector that will continue to be relevant for many more years to come. If you haven’t decided on a career path yet or else are looking for a change, consider going into agriculture and be part of a dynamic, competitive, and fulfilling industry.

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