Why You Need to Undergo First Aid Training

First aid training CPR procedure

Some people think that first aid training is only for healthcare practitioners and emergency responders. However, the truth is that you don’t have to be in a medical-related profession to learn first aid.

Indeed, it’s beneficial for everyone to undergo first aid training. After all, accidents can occur at any time. It’s like health insurance: you don’t want anything bad to happen to you or to people you know, but you’ll be glad that you’re prepared in case something does happen.

Below are a few more reasons why you need to learn first aid:

Because It Can Save Lives

This is the primary reason for learning first aid: to help save lives. Knowing what to do in cases of emergency increases the person’s chance of survival and thus prevents any unnecessary loss of life. Beyond this, administering proper first aid can prevent the worsening of injuries and help reduce a person’s recovery time. More importantly, it can prevent long-term disabilities.

Providing first aid can also help ease a patient’s discomfort. Most of the time, accidents or injuries don’t require a hospital visit. Nevertheless, injured persons sometimes can’t help feeling anxious or bothered. Simply knowing how to act around a patient can help make them feel more secure about the situation.

Because It Can Increase Your Employability

When you undergo first aid training, you’ll develop a lot of valuable qualities and skills. Some of them include:

  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Quick decision-making
  • Resourcefulness
  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership

A person who has all these qualities is definitely an asset in the workplace. Thus, taking a first aid course can increase your value as an employee and make you more indispensable to any company.

Finally, knowing first aid can help expand your career opportunities and give you an edge over the competition. For example, a parent looking for a babysitter will be more likely to hire someone who has first aid skills than someone who doesn’t.

Because It Can Boost Self-Confidence

Knowing first aid means knowing what to do during crisis situations. When others around you are afraid, confused, or helpless, you can keep cool, calm, and collected. This, in turn, can give you a big boost in self-confidence which can then improve the quality of your work. It’s a continuous cycle that can help make you happier and prouder of what you do for a living or of your vocation, no matter what it is.

Because It Can Help De-Escalate Situations

In relation to the previous point, crisis situations can trigger a lot of negative emotions from people. Anxiety, confusion, fear, and panic are all normal reactions to a sudden, unpleasant event. However, these reactions and emotions can also quickly make things worse.

This is where your first aid training will come in. When you know how to handle emergencies, you can maintain your calmness and this can influence the people around you. In fact, even if there’s no immediate health emergency that you need to attend to, your steady and reliable demeanour will remain valuable in times of crisis.

Because It Can Increase Workplace Safety

As previously mentioned, accidents can happen at any time. Moreover, they can happen anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you work in a construction site with hundreds of hazards or a quiet office with only 10 employees. People can trip, fall, or cut themselves, and it’s important to have these injuries treated promptly to prevent them from getting worse.

When you undergo first aid training, you’ll be able to handle these kinds of situations with ease. In addition, your skills will be helpful not just for the patient but also for the people around you. Again, when you know what to do during emergencies, you can remain calm even under these stressful events. In turn, your calmness can help reassure your colleagues. Finally, you can encourage your coworkers to adopt a more safety-oriented approach.

Because It Also Emphasises Your Own Safety

Your first aid training includes not only the safety of others but also your own. In fact, instructors will tell you that it’s important to first look after yourself before others. This is because when you’re safe, you’re in a better position to help others.

In relation to this, you’ll learn about healthy habits to keep yourself in the pink of health. You’re also going to learn about the different ways to spot potential environmental hazards that could pose harm to you and other people.

The key thing to remember is that first aid is not all about providing primary treatment for injuries. It also involves preventing other, unharmed people—including yourself—from getting hurt.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to get first aid training and these are just a few. Make sure to find a reliable training academy to help you learn all you need to know to be an effective first aid provider.