Workplace Drug & Alcohol Screening Training

NZQA Unit Standards 25458 & 25511


$500 + GST per person


4 hours

Unit Standards

  • 25458
  • 25511


To demonstrate knowledge and competence that suits workplace drug testing requirements

Course Overview

Take the lead in creating a drug and alcohol-free workplace. CC Training Academy is committed to helping you maintain an organisation-wide positive culture. The unit standards under this course are aimed at people who are required to understand and carry out the process of drug screening in the workplace. Training is compliant with AS/NZS 4308:2008.

Workplace drug and alcohol screening is designed to screen your employees for potential drug and alcohol use in the workplace. This will help you get a more accurate picture of the trends that are happening around drugs and alcohol in your business so you can take steps to stop it before it becomes completely out of control.

It also covers specimen collection, paperwork completion and technical skills required to undertake urine drug testing within a limited range of laboratories that utilise modification methods as part of the analysis process.

People credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Perform quality control procedures and on-site urine sample collection and urine integrity and multidrug screening
  • Interpret urine on-site quality control tests, integrity screen and multi-drug screen results
  • Initiate follow-up action, and complete documentation
  • Prepare donors for urine specimen collection at point of collection, and collect and dispatch urine specimens for drug testing.

NZQA Unit Standards covered:

  • NZQA Unit Standard 25511, Level 4, Credit 4 – Perform urine drug screening in the workplace
  • NZQA Unit Standard 25458, Level 3, Credit 2 – Perform urine specimen collection in the workplace for drug testing
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