WTR Endorsement - Wheels, Tracks, and Rollers Course


$350 + GST per person


4 hours (1/2 day)


To provide the trainee with the skills and knowledge to safely and legally drive and operate a special-type vehicle that isn't a forklift on the road.

This course is delivered by Rewi Forster, registered assessor with Connexis. Connexis reports the student’s credits to NZQA.

WTR Course Overview

If you plan to drive a special-type vehicle on the road that is not a forklift, you will need a wheels, tracks, or rollers (W, T, or R) endorsement on your driver licence. In addition to this, you must also hold the full class of licence appropriate for the type of vehicle you want to operate.

Before getting your WTR training

To participate, you must be a holder of a full New Zealand Class 1 (car) licence. You must also be able to prove that your eyesight is up to standard, through either an eyesight screening check at a driver licensing agent or by presenting a satisfactory medical certificate that is no more than 60 days old.

Separate endorsements apply for Wheels (W), Tracks (T), and Rollers (R).

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement W (wheels) – NZQA Unit standard 16701
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement R (rollers) – NZQA Unit standard 16702
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement T (tracks) – NZQA Unit standard 16703

Benefits of a WTR endorsement or licence

People credited with these unit standards are able to:

  • Describe a special-type wheeled, tracked, or roller vehicle and the legal requirements relating to driving the vehicle on the road
  • Describe driving procedures and general considerations for driving a special-type wheeled, tracked, or roller vehicle safely on a road
  • Demonstrate procedures for driving a special-type vehicle safely on the road

Please note that the definition of a road is very broad. It includes streets, highways, or any place the public has access to, which includes bridges, culverts, beaches, riverbeds, reserve lands, wharves and road shoulders.

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